Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dirty Diapers and Opus Dei

About 20 years ago I was in the midst of changing one of my babies' worst diapers on what was already a stressful day. While feeling put upon, disgusted, and resentful, I happened to glance up from the mess and looked straight into my baby son's eyes; he looked right back at me, and had the happiest little face, so content was he to be cared for and loved. And I had an epiphany: at that moment, could I have been doing anything more important than cleaning poop off his butt? No.

And thus I learned that doing God's work can be unpleasant, unskilled, unappreciated, humbling..... and liberating.

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Marc Cardaronella said...

That is an extremely cool story Christian! You know what I love about kids, they just are who they are and just expect you to love them. They do what excites them and really want to tell you about it. That is so contagious and fun! I think we should all be like that and not worry so much what other people think. The world sort of beats that out of us after a while if we let it...we shouldn't let it!

Thanks the the thoughts.