Monday, December 19, 2011

Fine Art 5, Res Ipsa 8, Pitchers 6: Christmas unParty

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This bit comes from the last class of the year. The kids knew we would not have a party, but 11 of 12 came anyway. Every year I tell the kids that they are too old to have a party when there is serious learning to be done, and they always seem to respond positively to that. There were brownies, pizza, and sugarfizz, so they were more rambunctious and less focused than usual; but we still had class.

1. To kick off our Nativity lesson we started with this wordless handout:

I wanted to use this in the 2010 class, but forgot to ask for copies of the picture. I got a couple of the girls to play the parts, but the picture would've been better. This year's discussion digresses due to good questions, which is fine. It's a rare class in which we cover every single thing, but that's because I agree with Joe Paprocki: overplan your lessons.

There's also a great backstory to this artwork.

2. Next we cover the Visitation:

Right before baby John leaps in the womb, I hold my two rubber fetuses on Mary & Elizabeth's tummies. At the right moment, fetus John goes nuts.

3. Next is the Nativity through the Holy Innocents. I read Isaiah's Nativity prophecies one at a time, and the kids tell me what to draw based on each one.

2011 Nativity

2010 Nativity

BTW, when I listen to my class recordings (or anything else) and want to keep my eyes entertained while I listen, I often play Bubble Town. Straight-up is OK, but I think the Ball version is better.