Monday, August 20, 2012

I Don't Care Anymore

The Catechetical season begins again in a couple of weeks...let me catalog a few of the things that discourage catechists year after year:

The parents aren't "their child's primary catechist."

They only care about getting the kids over the sacramental hurdles.

They will let their kids miss a class or two...some classes....most classes.

The kids don't know the faith very well...or at all.

They don't get taken to Mass regularly...if at all.

They haven't been to Confession since 1st Communion.

They don't like to come to class.

They are tired after a day of school.

They won't do any homework.

The classroom layout doesn't suit me.


I don't care anymore about any of that because I can't do anything about any of it.


I have the support of my DRE.

And I have the kids for 28 hours this year if they are brought to every class. 28 hours is practically an eternity.

And if they only come to a few classes- then I have them for those classes. I can plant several mustard seeds in an hour.

As Marshal Foch said at the Marne: "Pressé fortement sur ma droite, mon centre cède, impossible de me mouvoir, situation excellente, j'attaque." [Pressed hard on my right; my center yields; impossible to maneuver. Situation excellent, I shall attack.]

And as James Brown sang pretty much all the time: I Feel Good.

So bring on a new year, 'cause like the apostles at Pentecost, I am fired-up again.

P.S. Of course my gripes don't describe all the parents or children.