Tuesday, December 1, 2020


Cuenca Ecuador, 1/32 Hasegawa Boeing P-12 from the 1970s. Craftstore acrylic Blue, Testor's Yellow enamel, airbrushed. Homemade seat belts. I expected I could find some piano wire for the bracing, but couldn't. Then considered some very thin vermicelli, but it was too thick. Wound up using stretched sprue. It was not fun. 

Morse Scout, finished.

 This is a flying kit. But I like to see the structure, so I didn't skin it with tissue. It hangs on the wall as a static model.

Morse Scout (in progress)

 Guillow's ancient pre-lasercut kit of the Robert Morse Scout. I like to see the structure, so I left the tissue-paper skin off: 

First balsa kit in over 50 years, having a great time. Ecuador essentials: outdoor modeling; pizza boxes glued together to make a pinnable surface; Testor's paint bottles make sure bits are orthogonal; locally made 'Panama' hat lets me stay alive, while the sun provides excellent illumination.

PBY Catalina

 Academy 1/72 scale PBY Catalina, spraycan aluminum, airbrushed Testor's Yellow enamel: