Tuesday, September 15, 2020



Teaspoon for scale. If we have roast pork, we have zanahorias y papas.

Carrot (n.)
common name of plants of the genus Daucus, cultivated from ancient times for their large, tapering, edible root, c. 1500, karette, from Middle French carrotte, from Latin carota, from Greek karoton.

Zanahoria f. (n.) "carrot"
14th cent. Old Spanish çanahoria, dialectic variant safanòria. Borrowed from Andalusian Arabic *safunnárya 'id.,' itself borrowed from Ancient Greek σταφυλίνη ἀγρία (staphulíne agría) "wild carrot." Σταφυλίνη "carrot" is a diminutive of σταφυλή (staphulé) "grape," of unknown origin. Ἀγρία, when referring to plants meaning "wild," is from ἀγρός (agrós) "field" (see agro). 

The French in English; the Arabic in Spanish. They never get old.