Sunday, September 6, 2020

Golden Hind finished

 March 9, 2020, sails all rigged. Done.

Golden Hind progress pix 5

 Attaching sails to masts.

Golden Hind progress pix 4

 The kit came with very nice billowing plastic sails, but I don't mind sewing, so I make my own. I was able to find a sail plan online. Scaled and printed its drawings to match the kit, then copied them onto starched fabric. Next step is to cut them out, and iron and hem the raw edges.

Sails done, dipped in coffee to age them, perimeters lined with thin wire for shaping later:

Golden Hind progress pix 3

 Masts & rigging:

Golden Hind progress pix 2

 Adding hull details: 

Golden Hind progress pix 1

Progress photos of 1/96 scale Revell-Heller kit, molds from 1965:

Starting on Heller's Golden Hind. It's usually done newly painted as though it were departing on its 3 year voyage. I've been leaning toward how it might've looked upon its return. I plan to make my own sails, and have them patched and discolored; and am fooling around with possible weathered looks for the tarred wood surfaces:

Sorted out the worn look about 95%. Black base color, with washes of grey and brown, all craftstore acrylics: