Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Well- How Did I Get Here?

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I ran into a lotta good content over here and decided to answer some of the questions.

How would you describe what your spiritual gifts are (or might be)?

Very briefly, and fueled by a gin & tonic: I was raised to have a Catholic imagination, have been curious about everything since I was little, and am a voracious reader of (mostly) nonfiction. First I loved history, maps, science fiction, and Ross MacDonald detective stories; then I discovered languages and classical music; in college I was fascinated by opera, art and architecture; then I married a relentlessly-curious woman and had kids, which explosively expanded my existential worldview; then God became an all-consuming interest about 25 years ago, and still holds the #1 position.

Out of the blue one day I was asked to teach Adult Ed- and it was terrific. Then RCIA- the same. Then 6th-grade Catechism, which has been, well, transcendent. I do believe my whole life has been a preparation to teach kids about God. So my charisms are: to see the biggest possible picture of anything in its smallest detail; to understand everything in relation to everything else, and see God in all of it; and to communicate the whole mess to 11 year olds.

In what ways could you evangelize or disciple others using those gifts?

Well, if you can explain something to 6th-graders you can explain it to anybody.

Think for a moment about the other members of your parish.  Who do you know who seems to have a very evident gift for some type of ministry, but perhaps is not aware of it? 

I know of a dozen or so who stand right at the end of the diving board and won't take the leap of faith. I ask 'em and they demur. Asking people in a way that gets results is clearly not one of my charisms.

Think for a moment about the lay leaders of your parish.

Huh...I don't think of my parish as having lay leaders. I think of the parish as having a critical mass of motivated Catholics who get on with the business of the Church without being led.

 Well- How Did I Get Here?