Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fin de Siècle

The Wednesday Sunday School year is over until regular school starts up next August.

I flipped through my class notes and Bible (is that possible, to flip through a Bible?) and here are most, maybe all, of the stories I use in our 30 sessions. 'Story' being a broad term, since Levitical sacrifice, e.g., isn't a story per se. Lots of other bits and verses are also used, but only briefly, and usually to add to one of these stories.

Creation: each successive day/ higher life forms >Hebrew, Shabbat, why did God rest, cui bono? >Hebrew Adam/ Adama > Adam's authority/ dominion over animals shown by naming them, but not eating them. >Rib-bone vs. toe-bone vs. heart >Eve is God's last (best?) creation > creation before sin >friendship with God

The Fall: everybody thinks they know better than God >creation messed up by sin: death, tornadoes, germs, you name it >driven out of Eden, physical separation from God.

Noah, the Ark: eating meat >40 >morality after the Fall >see Lent and Meat

Abraham, Sara, Isaac and the Ram: marriage >miraculous conception >children >laughter >firstborn sacrifice >substitution

Isaac, Jacob & Esau: the permanence of laying of hands >see Yet another dose of the Holy Spirit?

Moses: Burning Bush >showing respect

Moses: Plagues, Passover (Pesach) Pharaoh/ Egyptian/ Hebrew Big House >killing & eating Paschal Lamb >sprinkling blood >see Big House

Moses: Manna, Water from the Rock >physical conduits of God's power >40 > see Wednesday Sunday School

Moses: Golden Calf, Decalogue >40 > Egyptian false gods >idols vs. icons

Moses: Levitical Sacrifices >sprinkling blood on the people >hyssop >sprinkling water in Ezekiel >sprinkling water at Mass (Asperges) >blood and water >atonement vs. forgiveness

David & Saul: Psalms >Envy

David, Bathsheba, Uriah, Nathan, Solomon: chastity >fidelity >aural confession & absolution >atonement vs. forgiveness >see David & Nathan

Solomon, Bathsheba, Abishag, Adonijah: Mother's intercession

Elijah cloaking Elisha, crossing the Jordan, fiery chariot: physical media of divine power >body & soul not separated >Ascension >Assumption >see Wednesday Sunday School

Elisha and Naaman: baptism >physical media >Gentile healing

Elisha's bones: physical media of divine power >relics >saints

Isaiah: unclean lips, etc., >sin purged by fire >Purgatory

Isaiah: Shebna & Eliakim >authority of office >Jesus & Peter

Isaiah: the feast for all nations >Chosen people vs. Gentiles >Wedding feast of the Lamb

Ezekiel: I will sprinkle you, etc. >baptism >change of heart >sprinkling vs. immersion > sprinkling water vs. blood

Annunciation: free will >miraculous conception >Mary and Eve >Isaiah: virgin >Hail Mary prayer

Visitation: miraculous conception >Sara >leaping John >abortion >Hail Mary prayer

Nativity, Magi, Herod >Chosen people vs. Gentiles >gifts >refuge in Egypt >Isaiah >see: Christmas Party!

Cana: marriage >wedding feast >Mother's intercession > 4th commandment >wine miracle >best for last >abundance >alcohol

John the Baptist: baptism of repentance >drowning/cleansing >Isaiah >Lamb of God >Trinity >Jesus- a sinner? >40

Salome: marriage >chastity

Rich Young Man: decalogue >materialism >Jesus loved

Mt 25 Judgement of nations through least of my brothers: Jesus judges by works >see Jesus in fellow man >body/soul/faith/works

Heal paralytic: action required, not just faith > sin and illness >intercession >authority >forgiving sin > see Dat ain't God

Heal blind man, clay, Pharisees: healing through physical media >obstinate pride >pride/blind/humble >see Dat ain't God

Heal centurion's servant, Jairus' daughter, demon-possessed son: healing through intercession >action required, not just faith >Mass (I am not worthy...) >see Mass Density (Mass, not mass)

Woman w/ hemorrhage: healing through physical media >action required, not just faith

Render to Caesar: legitimate authority

Loaves & Fishes through Bread of Life: delegated authority of apostles > eating flesh & blood >Mass >faith vs. understanding >see Don't Reach...Ask!

Wedding Feast parable: Revelations Wedding Feast of the Lamb > proper attire >Chosen people vs. Gentiles >see

Heal on Sabbath/ Rub grain on Sabbath: cui bono Sabbath?

Prodigal Son: repentance >selfishness >confession >forgiveness >happiness >Rembrandt

The Two Sons: faith & works

Last Supper: old & new Passover meal >Bread of Life discourse > Melchizedek >Mass

Gethsemane: prayers answered, sometimes God's answer is no.

Arrest thru Crucifixion: Peter breaks oral contract, denies 3x >Lamb >broken bones >blood & water >hyssop >Good Thief

Resurrection up to Ascension: Anastasis >Sheol >faith & doubt >apostles receive Holy Spirit, authorized to forgive/ retain sins >confession >Jesus in & out of time >explains OT to apostles >restore oral contract 3x love/feed sheep >see Anastasis

Ascension >Second Coming >Assumption >Elijah >Enoch >Jesus physically in Heaven

Replacing Judas with Matthias, Acts 13 hands laid on Paul, 2Tim Paul's hands laid on Timothy: authority physically transmitted >Isaac and Jacob >bishops

Acts: episkopos, presbuteros, diakonos: papa >hierarchy >office >authority >see Bishops and Telescopes

Acts: Paul healing through facecloths & aprons >faith & works >healing through physical media >relics >see: Let's Get Physical

Paul discussing burning away of dross: works >Purgatory >Malachi 3 purifying fire >Isaiah

James: body & soul/faith & works >dead faith

1John: spirit, blood, water > baptism >Paschal Lamb >blood & water at crucifixion

Revelations, resurrection of the dead, General Judgement, New Jerusalem >Judged by works >Pilgrims vs. nomads >pilgrim church reaches destination >no temple >restoration of status quo ante, i.e., Earthly Paradise >body & soul restored >Eden restored >Lamb's Supper >Mass >see Nomads & Revelations