Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pitchers 11: Good Friday & All That

Board from the Feb. 29, 2012 class, Last Supper through Resurrection. I imagine this is all mostly self explanatory, except maybe:

1. Sleeping
2. Sleeping
3. Sleeping


1. No!
2. No!
3. No!

These indicate the apostles in Gethsemane broke their 'contract' with Jesus by falling asleep 3 times; and Peter broke his 'contract' by denying 3 times he even knew Jesus. We'll refer to these events next week when Peter orally re-contracts with Jesus 3 times during their "Lord I love you/ Feed my sheep" conversation.

Discussion of Jesus and the Good Thief was sparked by again showing the kids Rembrandt's Prodigal Son; and comparing Jesus to the Father, and St. Dismas to the repentant younger son. See how good Jesus and Dismas must have felt even while hanging on crosses? See why it's good to go to Confession? Uh-huh.

The Anastasis shown in my prior post was handed out after Jesus was laid in the tomb. As usual the kids plugged right into figuring out what Jesus was up to between his death on Friday and his Resurrection on Easter morning, and learned a little Greek, too. The fine art handout also has an image of Rembrandt's 1648 Supper at Emmaus, which we did not have time for. That's fine. Next week my bouncer will redistribute the Anastasis/ Emmaus sheet at the start of class, and we'll take care of Emmaus first thing.

I like this Emmaus because Jesus looks like he's not all that interested in hanging around on Earth anymore, and just wants to be in Heaven. At the end of next week's class I'll encourage the kids to take the handout home, and use it to tell their parents what they've learned.