Thursday, May 3, 2012

Where the Wild Things Are

The Bunnies have returned to the Ponderosa.

A baby we've seen on the edge of the ivy a few times:

The daughter likes to write on the front porch, made that with her phone. The animal doesn't take exception to her.

We also have lots of hawks in our neighborhood. Yesterday the wife & daughter were sitting out when one pounced down at the ivy without scoring.


Coda of Coincidence: today my poet friend Pavel Chichikov wrote this:


We have wild rabbits in our yard
Pulling up the fresh young clover,
Each new rabbit is a ward
Beneath protection of our cover

The fir tree and the fig tree shade
The coverts that they use to hide,
For which at dawn and dusk they trade
The hazards of the open sky

See them mumble blade and stem,
Jaws rotating as they feed,
Green the pasture given them
Apportioned to a rabbit’s need

But overhead the red shinned hawk
The buzzard and the scavenge crow,
While in the alley something stalks,
A hunter that they do not know

We from vantage overhead
Can wish them every fortune fine,
Clover as we have our bread
And rainy weather for the wine

May 5, 2012