Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Power of Luck

Regular readers will know my elder daughter nearly died in an accident on Memorial Day ( ICU ). Since then she's finished all her therapy regimens, and can drive again. She's about 80% of her old self, and gradually recovering. However, she lives at home (instead of being in school at the College of Charleston) and is on some meds. Before the accident she had applied for summer work at 5 places, but by the time she was employable again, all the positions were filled. She hasn't been able to get a job, and she's been feeling down about her circumstances.

Last night at my Knights of Columbus business meeting I asked everyone to pray for my daughter's full recovery. Our Insurance Agent, Steve Miller (the other Steve Miller) was sitting next to me, wasn't up on her story, so I filled him in. He said he'd sure pray for her, probably thinking as I used to, there but for the Grace of God....

About 4:00 this afternoon I got a Catechism-related email from Steve (we're both catechists). At the end of the email he wrote, "I have been thinking about Francie since I woke up this morning. All the LeBlancs are in our prayers."

At about 4:30 Francie came in and asked if she could borrow some money to buy some dressy clothes. Umm yeah, I guess, what are they for? Well, she just got back from calling on the place she most wanted to work for back before Memorial Day, and they hired her to start tomorrow as the hostess! The daughter is so re-energized and optimistic, I think she may have recovered to 85% in about an hour.

The power know.

At the top, Francesca and Alexandra about 9 years ago.