Friday, September 27, 2013

King Kong

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At a recent online discussion, someone asked "how the pastor could take the Scripture readings and leach all the dynamism out of them in his sermon."

I think it comes from the way we learn Scripture. The Bible gets domesticated by the assorted processes through which Scripture is taught to Catholics (and maybe others as well). But if one simply reads the Bible directly, without filtering, on its own terms, then it stands alone in the history of literature as a compelling work. Think of King Kong in the jungle; compare that to King Kong in chains on the stage in New York. See? 

So you don't like me likening the Bible to a giant movie ape. Try this instead:



Don't experience the Bible only through veils and screens; repackaged, edited, condensed, mediated and managed. Pick it up and read it yourself. You don't need a reason, or an agenda, or a guide, any structure, or any preconceptions. Just read it, and don't quit reading it. It's not conveniently organized? Hard to understand? Good: it's not supposed to be mannered or easily tamed.

Let the Bible loose in your life and it will roar.

Gorilla by David C Berliner
Roaring Lion by Paul Fisher
Caged Lion from onearth