Friday, November 15, 2019

The Wonder of America

Alas. But the Bohemian Cafe (Czech Us Out) in Omaha closed a couple of years ago as well. Americans grow up and do their own thing, which often (as in my case, my father's, my grandfather's, my great-grandfather's...) isn't continuing a family business. At the same time, I rue the loss of ethnic totems such as Amish Acres. A few years ago I designed a couple of restaurants for a Chinese immigrant about my age. He came to America and did his own thing, and it went well for him. He said that he'd sell at retirement, as none of his kids wanted to be in the restaurant business, which they had been raised in. America is fertile soil for fulfilling your dreams; but the same goes for your kids.


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog, very enjoyable.
Thank you for posting it
A friend from the frozen north

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