Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Book & Blood

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Tonight we finished Revelations: Alpha & Omega, New Jerusalem, Wedding Feast of the Lamb; and jumped into the Mass. I start by drawing the Synagogue and the Temple. We review what happens in each place, their history, and who is in charge. In prior years, I'd say the Synagogue is for Reading, the Temple is for Offering, and a Catholic church is for Both. It's a good intro to the Mass, but hardly memorable.

But tonight after drawing the Temple, I impulsively added red-marker-blood out front to emphasize its sacrificial raison d'ĂȘtre. In doing so I careened into a pithier, catchier way of putting things:

Synagogue for Book.
Temple for Blood.
Church for Both.

Or as we'd say once the concepts were learned:

One for Book.
One for Blood.
One for Both.

I like that.


Nathan Barontini said...

Excellent! We've been covering how the Church fulfills the worship of the OT in my CCD class as well. What a great way for the kids to remember not only that the Church fulfills both the synagogue and the Temple, but also that the Mass is not just a bunch of words. It primarily is a Sacrifice, THE Sacrifice.

Christian LeBlanc said...

This may suit you, feel free to print the image.

David Torkington said...

Yes it is a sacrifice, but it is the new sacrifice that Jesus promised to the Samaritan woman....a sacrifice in spirit and in truth, in short, the offering of ourselves, in with and through Jesus to the Father. Because He is the new temple where this new offering is offered to the Father.