Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Healing the Paralytic

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Acting it out with Q&A at OLR's Youth Retreat last September:

The paralytic's friends have just plopped him in front of Jesus (yes, they literally carried him in). Even though there's not a lot of action in this impromptu skit, there's way more audience engagement and participation, simply because it's live and physical. The difference between teaching this story from behind a lectern and getting down on the ground with a volunteer is all the difference in the world.

Photo by OLR Youthgroup maestro Mikael McKinney


Joann Nelander said...

I like the hands on approach; life is a contact sport.

RAnn said...

Are you wearing a tie?

Christian LeBlanc said...

I usually wear a tie for catechism, but not in this case.