Monday, August 19, 2013

Expecting a different result?

Bumbling around today I stubbed my toe on this 1991 quote by then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger:

"The new evangelization we need so urgently today is not to be attained with cleverly thought out ideas, however cunningly these are elaborated: the catastrophic failure of modern catechesis is all too obvious. It is only the interaction of a truth conclusive in itself with its proof in the life of this truth that can enable that particular evidence of the faith to be illuminated that the human heart awaits: it is only through this door that the Holy Spirit enters the world."

I'd be curious to know if anyone who was catechizing back then can say that we're catechizing any differently now.


Fran said...

Oh dear... I was not as involved in catechesis at the time, I was newly back to church. But from what I see now, it was not the best of eras.

We do what we can. In our program, we are committed to offering the best ways to pass the faith on to the kids - and to their parents, who may have never gotten the best instruction.

Christian LeBlanc said...

"...and to their parents, who may have never gotten the best instruction."

Yes! I tell the kids I expect them to evangelize their parents.

MikeAtCF said...

Hi Christian,

In 1991 I was just starting my journey back to the Church after a 30 year absence.

One of my friends, however, describes her junior high/high school formation in the mid-to-late 1980s as "felt banner catechesis." She remembers doing a lot of religious arts and crafts projects but cannot recall any serious catechetical instruction.

BTW, I'll soon be starting my 10th year as a junior high catechist. Last year I had a class of 6th graders for the first time in several years and I used your book as a guide, with some pretty good results. Thank you for the effort that went into writing it and for sharing your experiences and expertise.

- Mike Shea (Rochester, NY)

Christian LeBlanc said...

Mike you made my day!