Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Cheap Bible

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When I first started reading the Bible regularly, I used a plain hardbound copy of the NAB. But because it was hardbound, I wouldn't mark it up. I kept telling myself to get over it: it was my book, I could mark it up however I liked. I finally forced myself: I highlighted something. I felt like a vandal.

So I bought a cheap paperback version of the same Bible. Highlighted something...that seems ok. Highlighted something else...uh-huh. Added some margin notes...I feel good! This works!

Over the next few years I colored and tagged that cheapie like a graffiti artist. But eventually that Bible became so globbed with stickytabs, highlights, underlines, paperclips and margin notes that it was unmanageable in Catechism class. As Frederick the Great said, "Wer alles verteidigen will, verteidigt nichts/ Who would defend everything defends nothing." If everything is eventually highlighted, then nothing is highlighted. Besides, I had internalized most of what I had been marking up. So three years ago I gave that copy to my son Michael, and bought another copy, same as the old one:

Still manageable. When it's not, I'll pass it on and start again.

Catholics who want to study the Bible are rightly advised to own a Bible that they are comfortable reading. My extra advice is to own a Bible that you are also comfortable marking up.

 P.S. Little quiz for ya! See handwritten note Shekhinah > Cherubim > Mary>. What's that got to do with the 'Signs and Wonders of the Apostles' in Acts 5?


Athanasius Contra Mundum said...

Shekinah is the Hebrew for the glory of God present in the tent that held the Ark of the Covenant until the temple was built. Once the temple was built the Shekinah was still present behind the veil that separated the Holy of Holies from the rest of the temple. Figures of Cherubim were shown kneeling on either side of the Ark. Mary is the Ark of the New Covenant and the Apostles were described as performing signs and wonders at the portico of the Temple.
Is that close?

RAnn said...

I've never felt right writing in books--mine or yours, cheap or expensive.

I wonder if there would be a market for a double-spaced Bible that also included blank lines on each page for reader's comments.

Have you tried an e-reader--you can highlight and take notes with them.

Christian LeBlanc said...

Good guess...what I'm looking for is:

The Shekhinah overshadowed the Tent.
The Cherubim overshadowed the Ark.
The Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary.
Peter's shadow overshadowed the sick.

Re e-reader...if/when I get one I will mos def try what you say.

Ultreya Coeur said...

Spent a few hours this week shopping for a new Bible on amazon. I hope I picked the right one!

Moonshadow said...

'Bout the only edition of the Scriptures I'll write in is my Collegeville commentaries.

Crossway offers a wide margin of their ESV Journaling Bible. People make their own double-spaced texts copying / pasting from online Bibles into MS Word.

The overshadowing connections were interesting.

Christian LeBlanc said...

Overshadowing is a Biblical concept with important implications for Mary's virginity.